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Strescon Industries Limited(SIL) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of various types of Railway Pre-Stressed Concrete(PSC) Sleepers for the Railawy Industry. Bonnie Yuill reports.
Strescon has formed a joint venture with another leading sleeper manufacturer and business conglomerate ‘PCM Group’ and a new company was formed ‘PCM Strescon Overseas Ventures ltd’ which won two prestigious orders to supply of 2.6 Mio Heavy haul Concrete Sleepers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and for this purpose two very large Concrete sleeper manufacturing plants were set which are the largest in the world producing more than approx 100,000 sleepers per month in each plant and this is a world record, according to Munshi. The Company supplies concrete sleepers for Saudi railways which are setting up a Railway track in the desert for the first time. PCM Strescon’s two plants are set up in the remote desert and over the last two years the company has built the plant the entire infrastructure from scratch, while strictly adhering to American certifications.

“ I feel that our biggest achievement right now is the two large contracts that we got from Saudi Arabia,” Says Munshi, “ The Saudi Contracts are now one of the largest of its kind, valued at around 150 million USD. In India we are one of the pioneers in manufacturing PSC Sleepers for turnouts where two or three railway lines converge. We started manufacturing these items around 10 years ago and today you can say our performance has been a milestone. We have also been exporting concrete sleepers from India to Bangladesh and following all the different projects of the World Bank. We are setting up one more plant in India, near Delhi and besides the requirement of Indian railways, this plant will also catering to a new dedicated freight corridor coming out from Delhi to Calcutta, which will be around 1500kms of new track, costing around six billion Usd. We are setting up plants in other middle east countries and are looking at new projects and new territories because Saudi Arabia as a sleeper manufacturer but now others are following us. Besides that we are also setting up pre-fabricated concrete structures for industrial sheds and hollow-core buildings. It’s a new concept in India and so it’s a virgin market for this particular product. We are also setting up a steel wire manufacturing plant near Calcutta which will be our backward integration because we use this particular product in our manufacturing process of concrete sleepers and now we intend to produce it so we can control the quality and the price. Our main client is Indian Railways-at one time they were our only client but we have been expanding our client base into different sectors so we now have clients in Saudi Arabia, Australia and Dubai.”

Whatever the project, the company has always focused on meeting its delivery commitments and maintaining the best ethical standards and safely for its employees. “ this was the biggest challenge which we executed in Saudi Arabia the desert where we had to develop the entire structure including the roads, building, water pipeline, power and of course the factory sheds and production, “ says Munshi. “ the opportunity we’re looking at now is the emerging railway market in India as well as in developing countries including Africa. India will be investing a huge amount of money in railways because that’s the principle mode of transportation of freight in India right now. The Indian Government are now creating different freight corridors. The demand for freight is currently going up and all the metro cities in India will be linked through different freight corridors where only the freight trains will run so there is a huge demand for concrete sleepers for this particular segment.”

  1. Our JV company PCM Strescon overseas ventures limited (PSOVL) has completed supplies of 2.6 million heavy Haul Sleepers most successfully to the full satisfaction of the clients
  2. PSOVL receives additional order from Al-ayumi group, KSA against stiff global competition.
  3. PSOVL receives prestigious order from Etihad Railway.
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