STRESCON INDUSTRIES LIMITED aspires to be the leader in quality and price and through its constant striving, SIL dreams of bringing India on the global map. SIL believes in the holistic development of the company, its individual employees as also the company.


1. To be number one not only in the Indian Railway Scenario but also in Global Railway Scenario, also to take India to the rest of the World by constantly doing business and building relations with developed foreign nation.

2. To set up most amount of units to cater to every possible demand from around the globe.

3. To keep the Environment clean, by treating the environment as part of our own so that global disease can be stopped.

4. To do forward, backward, upward & downward integration of Pre Stressed Concrete Sleepers for Railways.

5. To be World leader in quality and price and to innovate to manufacture all sorts of possible sleepers available currently in the world.

6. To be downstream of India by investing not only in railways but also to cater to the basic upliftment of India by creating infrastructure growth, economical growth, and to bring India in the centre stage of the global competition.

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