Strescongroups performances and ability to take on large projects has enabled the group's employees to grow from strength to strength. Our name is trusted worldwide for reliability and quality of service. We pride ourselves on being one of the most successful and organized company in India. Also the group aggressively works in the domestic and international sales markets and to gain new ones.

Our railway business actively participates in international tenders; to perform certain contracts it takes part in international consortia with renowned companies like.

We serve to meet customer requirements.


The group has also done the following jobs apart from their main frame.

1. It has successfully done fabrication jobs in India.

2. It has been actively responsible in setting up units for other companies in India.

3. It has been playing active role in development of Indian Railways Scenarios.

4. Laying of Turn out Sleepers.

5. Fabrication works for setting up a sleeper manufacturing plant at Choksikander.

6. 6.SIL, has supplied to private companies like NTPC, Ambuja, etc for setting up railway line in and around their factory.

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