Flash Butt Wielding is a resistance wielding without using any filler and extra metal. It is used for joining two metal parts together using Heat and force.

Advantages of Flash Butt Weilding are :

1. Longivity
2. It is used in place of fishplate, which use to cause many accidents.
3. Cost of maintenance.
4. Easier for high-speed trains to travel and minimum vibrations Occurs while the train is travelling.
5. Mobilization of wielder is easily possible as it is inside a truck. You can drive it to any location.
6. It helps to save space, as you don’t need to maintain stock of fishplate.
7. Less manpower involved.
8. Welder is put upon a road come rail vehicle which makes it easier to carry both on the road and on the rail.
9. Chance of rejection or failing is very less as butt wielding is done in a computer controlled machine.

Our client is mainly Indian railway and we have done many wielding all around India under Indian railways. We drive the wielder in remote places and create a temporary setup to execute the contract.

Strescon has diversified in to mobile flash butt wielding in the year 2014. We are one of the largest contract service welders in India. Strescon provides highest quality wielding which is achievable in very less time when compared to other wielders.

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